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LED solar street lamp has become the mainstream product of lighting industry

Urban lighting reflects the image of a city, reflects the scientific management of a city, and is a social system engineering. Street lamp is an indispensable lighting facility in cities, and LED solar street lamp is a new type of low-carbon environmental protection energy-saving lighting products.

With the approaching of environmental protection and low-carbon life, LED solar street lamp is favored by people for its superior energy-saving effect and pollution-free low-carbon lighting. Since the beginning of the "Ten Cities Wanzhao" project, under the influence of low-carbon economy, energy-saving lighting in major cities in China has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Low-carbon has become the goal of every city's efforts to develop, and the solar energy industry has rapidly begun to rise. Although solar street lamp lighting technology still needs to be improved, solar street lamp can be used temporarily in places where the power radiation is not enough, but solar street lamp will eventually become a new trend, will become the mainstream trend of the future development of street lamp lighting industry, and promote the lighting industry to mature.

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